TCS *Patented* Ice House is the cutting-edge heat-stress management solution.

       Texas Cooling Systems             Ice House is a registered PATENT  product! UNITED STATES:  61/850,971 (pending)

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Texas Cooling Systems


Cool Down Trailers, or as we call them our "Texas Ice Houses" are designed with safety from start to finish. Texas Cooling Systems is a family-owned company focused on safety management of heat-related illnesses. With our combined experience in the safety industry, the founders repeatedly identified issues with all types of cool-down systems, many of which result in heat-related illnesses. With a passion for safety, the founders developed a uniquely designed cool down house that will revolutionize Heat Stress Management. These units provide a better system to prevent needless heat-related injuries than current systems, while the attention to detail and proven features ensures maintenance-free, lower costs for industry.  Through strategic planning processes, Texas Cooling Systems is the leader in the prevention of heat-related illnesses.


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