Company Summary


Texas Cooling Systems was created to fill a gap for professionally designed “Cool Down Trailers.” The founders of the “Texas Ice House” cool down units have both had experience with safety / risk management. After spending years in Texas on Pit Stops and Turnarounds, Texas Cooling Systems found that companies are becoming increasingly concerned with keeping their contracted workforce cool, especially with the rising amount of heat-related illnesses and injuries. With a passion for safety, they set out to design a better system to prevent needless heat-related injuries.


This is a family owned company and will be operated with the highest of standards for

  1. Customer Service,
  2. Product Quality,
  3. Punctuality,
  4. Flexibility,
  5. Diversity,and
  6. SAFETY.


Mission Statement

“It is the mission of Texas Cooling Systems to reduce heat-related illnesses and injuries in this industry by focusing our skills, knowledge, and experience in risk-management into helping others accomplish a goal of ZERO.”


At Texas Cooling Systems, our number one rule is “Keep your Cool.” As safety professionals, we believe being proactive is paramount. Texas heat can slow the production of any size job down to a crawl, but if someone has an unfortunate run in with a heat-related illness, the job can come to a complete stop with an employee hurt and costly delays until an action plan to control the risk of heat illness is implemented. Knowing that your workforce will go home at the end of the day instead of going to the emergency room for treatment allows you to focus on other important responsibilities, i.e. schedule, Q/C, added work scope, unplanned delays, addition resources, etc. Also, as an additional benefit, the cost effective strategies upfront will make your job look better than ever and keep your management team out of lengthy root-cause investigations.


Competitive Edge

Clients are our top priority and customer service is our highest goal aligning with the safety and quality of our units. Success is guaranteed by

  1. Professional product that proves superior to any other proven with a US Patent;
  2. Local, professionally-structured support for customer needs;
  3. Safety in clear view during every stage of construction;
  4. Compliance with industry standards to ensure State, Federal, Local, & Client requirements are not just met, but exceeded;
  5. Units that will withstand the test of time with a “rough” workforce using the units around the clock;
  6. Elimination of “hiding spots” with clear fire-retardant/UV protected PVC on sides and on back of unit;
  7. Daily communication to ensure alignment of customer needs


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